Department of Architecture
The quality of built environment has a direct bearing on the way and quality of life style of the people living in it. What one sees in one's surrounding is partly what one makes of it. When it comes to building or designing spaces or altering the environment, a skilled architect comes in very handy. For the betterment of life and its living, the role of the architect must be recognized. An architect is not only needed for building a house but also for what surrounds the house, the city, in other words- the environment. One's environment needs to be planned and organized. It has to be sustainable for future generations. Click to large
Architecture is a blend of sciences and arts. The design of buildings and spaces requires technical knowledge as well as aesthetical insight. That which is lacking could always be improved. The designer must have clear conception of the nature and types of structures, the nature of interaction between built and natural environment, knowledge about quality and behavior of various building and construction materials, the principles of  professional practice, its management and marketing. Equally important is the designer's the creative ability and the handling of the aesthetic, aspects of buildings and spaces.
Click to large The visual qualities are guided by the designer's sense of composition, proportion, colour, lights, shades, and textures. Though these cannot be taught entirely, it is possible to start the process and develop the skills through practice and a disciplined thought process. Architects must have a background of supporting knowledge from the fields of sociology, economics, psychology, arts, history and environmental sciences. The knowledge of practical disciplines such as accounting, economics and management is also essential.
In the rapidly urbanizing context of Bangladesh there are a large proportion of buildings which are not the result of rational of environmentally sensitive thought process. Cities increase in size, volume and population overnight. Uncontrolled development leads to an unhealthy and unpleasant environment which in turn will affect the quality of lives of the people and hence the course of development. Structures that would be able to withstand the effect of natural calamites are sound and stable. They must also be climatically conscious to make them habitable and safe. They must also be climatically conscious to make them habitable and safe. In rural areas there is tremendous scope for innovation in design and construction of structures using indigenous construction materials.
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