Analysis of Two-Way RC Slab under Impact Load


Ashraful Islam & Md. Jafar Ikbal


With a growing awareness to resist both dynamic and static loads, several structures need to be designed for impact loads. An accidental impact load can be caused by mishaps in industry as well as accidents stemming from transportation or man-made disasters.

The overall objective of the study is to investigate the dynamic behavior of reinforced concrete slab under impact loading with respect to displacement and time. This study investigates the effects of different types of applied impact loads and shock absorbing foams on the dynamic response and behavior of reinforced concrete slabs. Displacements vs. time relationship for all the specimens are studied. The numerical study is based on nonlinear dynamic analysis using the software ABAQUS, possibly the first such work in this country.

The numerical results are compared with results obtained from the field test data. Drop weight tests are performed on eight RC slab specimens (size 4ft × 4ft × 1in) loaded by two impactors (weighing 150 lb and 500 lb). The numerical results matched reasonably well with the field data in some cases, but not too well in some other cases, particularly ones with shock absorbing foams. This shows some possible room for improvement required in both the numerical and experimental works performed.