Fall 2001

Environmental Impact Assessment Of A Cement Factory

Shah Mahmud Muktadir, M M Al-Mamun Haque

 Environmental Impact Assessment is done based on the physio-chemical environment like land, hydrography and water quality, air quality, meterological, socioeconomic environment, checklists and graded matrix methods issued to identification of potential impact and evaluation of their consequences to the possible extent.

The EIA suggests that the project under study involves potential environmental impacts to which further careful attention must be given in construction, operation and maintenance of the project in order to minimize and offset the adverse effects. The negative impacts are not severe and the potential adverse impacts if addressed properly could be minimized without much effort, though they would require careful attention.

The location of the cement plant is environmentally acceptable. However, adequate and effective pollution prevention, abatement and control measure, proper and careful operations and maintenance, regular and effective environmental monitoring with adequate staff and budgetary provision, periodic reporting to DOE, creation of an environmental cell, ensuring preventive management practices, adoption of the Disaster management Plan should be ensured.