Fall 2001

Surface Water Quality Monitoring In Periphery River Of Dhaka City

Taibur Rahman, C M Mirfaque Bin Zahid


The river Turag, Balu and Shitalakhya are situated in the periphery of Dhaka City. At present these are the most polluted rivers in Bangladesh. Dhaka City is very densely populated and will be one of the ten “Mega Cities” in the near future. The amount of untreated wastes, both domestic and industrial, being released into the rivers is tremendous and is increasing day by day. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to investigate the condition of the river water quality in terms of some important water quality parameters (pH, turbidity, conductivity, DO, BOD, COD). After investigation it was found that these parameters specially DO and BOD is far above the acceptable limits, which is a threat to the aquatic environment.