Fall 2002

  Assessment of Community Noise Pollution in Dhanmondi R/A

  Hafizur Rahman, Abdul Based,and Mir Mofijul Islam


 Noise level is measured in seven different locations in Dhanmondi Residential area. It was observed the average noise level (80 dBA from 10am-5pm) is high as per local prescribe standard of noise level for residential area due commercial activities, high densities of traffic, traffic jam, huge construction activities, weak enforcement of regulations and Lack of awareness. Inhabitant of this area who are living long time, are suffering different types of noise induced problems like; hearing impairment; interference with speech communication; disturbance of rest and sleep; psycho physiological, mental-health and performance effects; effects on residential behavior and annoyance; and interference with intended activities even the problem is unknown to the most inhabitants due to lack of awareness. Proper enforcement of law and wide awareness campaign can reduce the noise pollution.