Fall 2002

Dynamic Analysis of R.C.C. Bridges

Abu Tahur Raihan Ahmad



The durability, economy and aesthetic beauty of RCC bridges make them an attractive option for the highway bridges where large engineering constructions are mainly dependent on concrete. However, the structural analysis for bridges in practice rarely goes beyond the conventional methods of static structural analysis. The dynamic effects of moving loads are believed to be considered by incorporating an ‘impact factor’ with the static load analysis, which is considered irrespective of the type of structure or the velocity and arrangement of the moving wheel loads. This work is aimed at presenting a more rational and detailed dynamic analysis of various types of bridges. The emphasis will be to provide a more thorough and rational evaluation of the impact factor.

A detailed parametric study is performed in this work to investigate some important details of the behavior of Deck Girder, Continuous and Balanced Cantilever Bridges, based on dynamic analysis under moving of HS-20 vehicle. Various aspects of the dynamic response of RCC bridges are studied, comparing with the conventional static structural analysis and changing the vehicular velocity, damping ratio and number of spans. The effects of deflection, bending moment and shear are observed.