Fall 2002

   Reducing Basement Construction Cost By Automation

Md. Shah Alam and Mohammad Abu Taher

The estimated cost of any project primarily depends on the successful completion of the project within stipulated time frame. Since due to bulk volume of various construction items, we have to adopt latest technology, modern equipment and modern management techniques to complete the project earlier with  the growing use of machinery it has become necessary for construction engineer to be thoroughly familiar with the various types of equipments as well as their per unit cost and various about the wide use of these instruments. Equipment is also important to achieve better quality in construction work.

In by Bangladesh various factors like , rainy season, ground water level, improper project planning and management, seasonal scarcity of skilled labour, government restrictions and various technical problems are responsible for delaying the project works. Since delay in completion of project means increase in construction cost due to rise in price levels, payment of overhead for more periods, imposition of penalty for delay etc. All these constrain can be solve by the implementation of various types of modern equipments and modern management techniques in various stages of the construction work.

In this thesis we have only analyzed the foundation work of a multistoried building and divide the foundation work into six major items. Duration and costing required for the completion of these items both traditionally and by implementing equipment’s has found and comparisons of these two methods are done. In comparison it is observed that the implementation of equipment’s in the project may decrease the expenditure up to 21% (average) and project completion time up to 6 months.

The various constrains regarding the implementation of the equipments has also discussed.