Fall 2004

   Development Of Environmental Management System In Apex Tannery Ltd.

Khawaja Md. Mahfuzul Haque
Md. Tanvirul Islam
Md. Rashel Mahmud


Investigation of environment, health and safety problem in leather industries has been carried. A working method has been developed to carry out this investigation based on work environment theory, local theory and theory about implementation processes and public regulations. According to the working method the factory was physically investigated. The management and workers of different location were interviewed who are working with leather industries. After investigation it was found that the investigated industry has some work related problem like high noise level, wastewater problem, chemical exposure and extraction of ground water. It was notices that the workers and management were afraid about fire in the work places. Besides this health and safety problems the workers complaints about low wages, abuse of labor rights and uncertainty of the job as well. It was observed that the health and safety condition of a factory depends not only on internal factors like workers behavior, management behavior and economical situation of the factory but also on the internal factors like work environment regulation, practical condition of enforcement of the work environment regulation and socioeconomic situation of the country.