Numerical and Shake Table Analysis of Steel Structures


Anik Alamgir, Ayesha Siddiqua, Md. Mehedi Hasan & Mahfuza Tabassum


This thesis presents the results of a study on the structural response of multistoried steel structures subjected to seismic ground motion. Nonlinear Dynamic Analyses of three steel building models are used in this study. The effect of deflection of structure is examined in this analysis. ‘ETABS 13’, computer software capable of performing nonlinear dynamic analysis, is used to perform most of the analysis in this study. The systemic parameters considered are geometric nonlinearity of structure (P-Delta), proportional damping, scale factor, number of out-put time steps, output time steps size.

Verification of ETABS 13 analysis with experiments is also an important part of this study. Laboratory experiments provide results that are compared to the analyses results and hence the efficiency of the software is evaluated. Three ground motions are used in this study to generate the record of displacement vs. time curves (using scaled El Centro ground motion data of various time durations). These ground motions are scaled to laboratory data prior to their applications. The numerical results matched reasonably well with the laboratory data.