Spring 2004

  Measures for Systematic Vehicular Movement At a Selected Intersection

Mohammed Farhad

Intersections are locations where vehicular conflicts exist. Intersection design should provide operational quality and safety for all types of vehicles and for pedestrians. The street capacity is not usually controlled by the general segments but by the intersection capacity. Improvements such as providing traffic control devices (e.g., yield and stop signs or traffic signals) can provide significant capacity and safety improvements. Providing the appropriate traffic control for the existing volumes will maximize benefit.

Along with modern signaling system, safety and regulatory aspects of roadway design elements near intersection also need to be examined for ensuring smooth flow of traffic. The main attention may be given on medians, road humps, road markings, traffic sign, roadside hazards, and pedestrian crossing facilities.

The aim of the study is to design signal timing of the selected intersection for improving its performance, for example, reducing delay, orderly movement of traffic flow, etc. Besides designing of signal timing, some problems associated with the selected intersection are also identified. These problems mainly focus on safety issues related to pedestrians, road sign, road marking, illegal parking etc. Finally, solutions have been proposed from engineering point of view.

Intersection between Old Airport Road and Bijoy Sarani Road has been chosen in this study. This road is very important from national point of view since Prime ministerís office is situated near it.