Study on Concrete Deterioration of Building Structure at Dhaka City


Thesis by:
Md. Asif Shahriar
Rasel Miah
Saadman Mahmood



Deterioration can destroy any building structure. Recently concrete deterioration is found in many building structure, which may caused from climate condition & others environmental factors and also from the limited availability of sustainable materials. Lack of repair and maintenance of concrete structure is seriously responsible for building deterioration. So in the densely populated country, concrete deterioration is the obstacle of safety of human life and harmful for social economic condition. Hence the term “Concrete Deterioration of Building Structure” demands to be introduced among the people with great interest.

The main objective of this study is to identify concrete deterioration of building structure of the selected area. The selected area has covered part of Dhaka city. The survey area is mainly focused on the information of deteriorated buildings such as structure type of building, plan irregularity, number of story, deteriorated spot etc. Digital photographs of deteriorated spot and front view of each building have been taken from different directions.

Distinct categories of buildings based on use purpose were made. According to this study about 60% buildings are residential building, 10% buildings are institutional buildings and 30% buildings are commercial & industrial buildings.

120 buildings have been surveyed in the study area. About 107 buildings are RCC, 9 buildings are load bearing wall and 4 buildings are other structure. Most of the deterioration found in wall. But slab, beam, column and others part of these buildings are also deteriorated randomly.

The results of these studies integrated into a final report that contains the present condition of building structure at Dhaka city. The report give useful information for emergency repair or mark as abandoned building as well as for the safety of human life and further investigations.