Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The ever increasing needs and application of computers in almost every walk of life need not be overemphasized. The situation in developing countries as compared to the developed ones is no different. Computers now-a-days are being widely used in all fields conceivable. To keep pace with this advancement in computer science and engineering it is essential that efforts are made both in the public and private sectors to develop human resources in this particular field.
Students in Lab
Teacher in the Lab Opportunities to pursue academic programs in computer engineering are rather limited in Bangladesh. The prime objective of establishing the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Asia Pacific is to make a concerted effort towards achieving the goal of providing quality education of 4-year duration at the undergraduate level. Later it is to be followed by higher academic degree programs such as MS/ Ph.D.
The courses in the undergraduate programs are designed to give students a rigorous and comprehensive academic training on both the fundamental and advanced aspects of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). It would concentrate both on software and hardware. A student in CSE must not only have a sound basis in the fundamentals of basic sciences of computer, but also 
Programming Lab
Programming Lab should be aware of socio- economic problems of the country. Therefore, courses in science, humanities, economics, accounting, finance and management are also included in the curricula. The last two semester will offer students a number of alternatives to choose from and to specialize in a particular one. Theory and sessional work will be supplemented by project / thesis work, seminars and visits to relevant research and development organizations.
In the Server room
Students in the Programming Lab
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