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Businesses and other organizations in Bangladesh are rapidly growing in number and size. These organizations need, inter alia, competent managers for efficient and effective management of activities to achieve organizational success. Business enterprises look for graduate who have specialization as well as in managerial skills.
Many young men and women are, however, eager to build a career in business management. Graduates in this field are not, however, adequate or readily available. Their demand is growing in the face of limited institutional facilities of management, education and training. The 4-year undergraduate program, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and 2-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) of the University of Asia Pacific aim at meeting the needs of the students for the management career in business. They aim at developing students' operating skills in functional areas of business as well as in managerial abilities. The programs are geared to enhance the students' knowledge, skill and aptitude required to successfully perform at the entry level/junior management positions upon completion of BBA and at the senior level after completion of MBA. Students' are expected to deal with management of operational activities and subsequently move into higher management positions. The BBA and MBA programs consist of business, management, accounting and other related courses which are to be covered by course work, internships, practical training, project work etc. Students need to take general compulsory courses, compulsory concentration courses and elective courses.
The MBA is a full-fledged and full time program of sixty credits spread over two years. However, depending upon the credit transfer, course waiver and exemption of internship attachment, the duration may be less than two years. A students may also enroll as a part time student in which case the duration will be longer than two years. The program if offered in the evening and so the in-service people, entrepreneurs and self-employed can also join for development of their career/business prospects.
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