Moot Court

#. Inter Semester Moot Court Competition-2017

Prize Giving Ceremony of Inter Semester Moot Court Competition, Spring-2017 1

#. The Skill  of Mooting for Law Student.


#. Moot Court Tutorial Examination.

Moot Court

Moot courts are stimulated court competition which includes preparation of documents both on behalf of the plaintiff/prosecution and defendant/defense and giving arguments both on points of fact and law by students ‘advocates’ before a bench of ‘judges’ usually comprising of members of the faculty and practicing advocates. As it is a good way to make fit the law graduates in their professional career with practical experiences, Department of Law and Human Rights, UAP lays emphasis on this activity to equip students for their future career as lawyers and judges and to imbibe the ‘mooting culture’ in all the students. The moot court activity in Department of Law and Human Rights, UAP begins with a Demo Moot both on civil and criminal cases whereby all the prospective participants are guided about preparation of all documents related to their cases and presentation of their cases before the judges. After this, the Fresher’s Moot and Common Induction Moot is organized for membership to the Moot Court Society. Apart from these activities, the Moot Court Society also assists the selected students in their preparation to represent the Department of Law and Human Rights, sUAP at various national and international moot court competitions organized by different law institutions all over Bangladesh. In this continuity, L&HR Moot Court Team comprising of two members participated in a moot court competition, organized by London College of Legal Studies (South), under the guidance of Mr. Sazzad- Ul- Islam, Lecturer and coordinator, Moot Court Society where L&HR Moot Court Team showed tremendous success. Not only that, L&HR Moot Court Team comprising of three members including a researcher  participated 6th Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition, organized jointly by Dhaka University and International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC), from which L&HR Moot Court Team gathered various practical knowledge about mooting.