Moot Court

#. Inter Semester Moot Court Competition-2017

Prize Giving Ceremony of Inter Semester Moot Court Competition, Spring-2017 1


Moot Court a


Moot Court b


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#. The Skill  of Mooting for Law Student.


#. Moot Court Tutorial Examination.

Moot Court


Moot Court:

Moot Court meaning shadow courts is a competition that enables law students to apply their intellectual mind and analytical skills in a hypothetical problem (that may be taken from a real phenomenon/case). In a Moot Court competition the student counsel has to argue a case both orally and through submission of written ‘Memorial’ before a bench of Judges.

The Department of Law & Human Rights of University of Asia Pacific emphasizes on the mooting culture to prepare the students for their career as lawyers and judges. The Department performs its mooting related function through the two formal courses (ADD THE NAME)


Moot Court Club:

In addition to the academic courses, the moot court activity in the Department of Law & Human Rights, conducted through a well-organized Moot Court Club. The Fresher’s Moot and Common Induction Moot was organized for the membership to the Moot Court Club. Apart from these activities, the Moot Court Club also assists the selected students in their preparation to represent the Department of Law & Human Rights, UAP at various national and international moot court competitions organized by different law institutions all over Bangladesh.



The current Organogram of the Moot Court Club is as following:

Convenor: Muhammad Rezaur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of Law & HR, UAP.

Member: Alida Binte Saqi, Lecturer, Department of Law & HR, UAP.

Member: Nusrat Jahan, Lecturer, Department of Law & Human Rights, UAP.

Member: Nadia Rahman, Lecturer, Department of Law & Human Rights, UAP.


There is a Committee under the supervision of the Club Organ that is as following:

Co-Ordination Committee of the Moot Court Club:


Designation Semester Phone
Jarin Tasnim Co-ordinator 8th 01747674366
Kazi Tasnim Jahan Assistant Co-ordinator 8th 01716739325
S. M. Morsalin Hider Assistant Co-ordinator 7th 01674273920
Joy Das Assistant Co-ordinator 6th 01836384934
Sadia Karim Assistant Co-ordinator 5th 01620900568
Md. Samsujjoha Assistant Co-ordinator 4th 01738154704
Jesmul Hasan Paramanik Assistant Co-ordinator 3rd 01780714654