Department of Pharmacy
The Department of Pharmacy offers the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.), i.e., B. Pharm. (Hons.) Degree. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) is a four-year degree course, which includes theoretical courses, laboratory works, project works and intensive industrial and hospital training. This program aims at providing students with modern and broad-based education in pharmaceutical sciences and preparing them as well-trained pharmacy professionals/pharmacists to meet the needs of the Pharmacy profession as practiced all over the world.

       High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Through this program students will be equipped with the ethical requirements and technical know-how of the profession to develop their ability to practice as skilled and competent pharmacists both at home and abroad and in any field of the Pharmacy profession. B. Pharm. (Hons.) graduates have ample scope to work in the production, quality control, quality assurance, sales and promotion departments of the pharmaceuticals manufacturing industries and in the Community and Hospital pharmacies both at home and abroad. The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) is the pioneer of launching  B.pharm (Hons.) program. The department of Pharmacy of UAP was established at 1996. We have passed more than a decade with a lot of experience and goodwill.Now, we are dreaming for launching Ph.D. program in the department of pharmacy as soon as possible.

The principal objectives of the pharmacy department of UAP

1) To impart scientific knowledge for the identification, formulations, preparation, standardization, quality control and uses of drugs and medicines and effective management of their distribution and sale.

2) To produce a skilled manpower to manage the affairs of hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, drug administration and other organizations in drug research, marketing, sales and administration.

3) To encourage research on different fields of pharmacy so as to develop newer techniques of formulation, quality control and standardization of drugs.

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