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The Institute for Energy, Environment, Research and Development (IEERD) is established at the University of Asia Pacific as a constituent research and academic institute or center with a separate administrative structure. The purpose of the “Institute” is to keep pace with regional and global research of development and education in energy including clean energy, increasing energy efficiency of equipments and appliances, work on quality of materials, environment, water resources and water management and other related fields at the University.

The aims and objectives of the” Institute” are  to undertake and promote research and  teaching in the fields of energy with emphasis on new and renewable energy development, energy conservation and energy management, assessing quality of materials, environment, water resources, water management, development and to develop human resources in the relevant fields.

The head of the “Institute” is the Director designated who is appointed by the Vice Chancellor. Director is appointed on a two year terms from among the Professors/Research Professors of UAP.

The administration and management of the” Institute”  is vested on the Advisory Council consisting of  Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Deans  and Head of  other departments including representatives from Power  and  Energy Division of Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources and Planning Commission. Also Energy, Environment, Development and Water Resources specialists are   nominated by the Syndicate from among the professionals working in the related fields. Two Professors/Research Professors nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. The Director of the Institute acts as Member-Secretary to the Advisory Council.

Director is authorized to employ members of the Institute and subordinate staff of the Institute.

However, as the research work has just taken a real start with increasing number of research proposals, yet all the staff and members of Advisory Council was not considered to be filled up. The process for filling the vacant posts is now going on. 
In July 2010 1(one) research proposal by L&HR Department was submitted and accepted by the Chairman, Advisory Council.  The research is to identify the laggings (if any) of the enacted law for environment is going on.

A research work on efficiency of electrical appliances with an USA based International Consulting Firm; National Rural Electric Co-operative Association (NRECA) in the UAP laboratory is going on. In the meantime the research work yielded a tremendous result which would be made public very soon through a seminar. This result would contribute significantly in saving energy wastage in the country.

A  research work on renewable energy specially  solar, bio-mass, wind and also efficiency of electrical  and mechanical  domestic appliances with  German Government Technical Assistance Wing, GIZ, in the UAP laboratory  . In the meantime the research work yielded a tremendous result which would be made public very soon through a seminar. This result would contribute significantly in developing non-conventional energy and at the same time saving energy wastage in the country.

Through IEERD, CSE Department is going to perform an innovative research on energy conservation project which if could be implemented successfully would bring immense benefit to the power and energy sector.

A faculty member with the facilitation of IEERD submitted a conference paper titled “Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Science” accepted and appreciated by Middlesex University, Dubai which is really appreciable.

IEERD has a plan for holding a National Technical, Environmental and Development Fair supported by paper presentation and workshop tentatively with the beginning of the next semester at Spring -2012.  Effort should be made so that this fair could be participated by the national specialists and other public and private universities.  

A  conference paper titled “Design and Implementation of an Efficient Natural Algorithm to Solve Towers of Hanoi Puzzle having Multiple Towers and Disks ” accepted  by  International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology Press (IACSIT)  is facilitated by IEERD.

A tremendous enthusiasm is manifested among the student5s and the faculty members towards more and more research activities. IEERD is hoping to create it as a center of excellence.



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