Laboratory Facilities

Computer Labs

Computer Science & Engineering Department of The University of Asia Pacific has three outstanding micro–computer labs. These labs are networked with each other and the other PCs of the department through LAN. A server room is arranged to administrate the proper functioning of the lab and to accommodate LINUX server, Oracle Server, Windows 2000 server and other sophisticated resources like a scanner, a high resolution digital camera, etc.  Each lab is equipped with twenty-five updated PCs. A number of those PCs are latest IBM brand machines. Department ensures reliable computing as each PC is attached with an UPS. There is a heavy-duty printer stationed in each lab to provide printing facility to the students. Each student is given separate account in CSELAB domain. Students have to logon to their respected accounts to avail the existing network resources. A student can browse from any PC free of charge for unlimited period. The Department has provided students with constant broadband Internet browsing facility. The department has already established a Project Lab for project work and research work. The lab is equipped with 7 PCs and a number of electrical and electronic trainer boards, D.C. power supplies, signal generator etc. There is a number of highly qualified faculty members in CSE department. Each teacher is provided with a PC and is networked through LAN. During office hour (a time slot earmarked for students), these PCs are used for attending from a small group of students, clarification of any point won the undergraduate projects of the students etc. Also, these PCs are used by the teachers to carry out the research work. 

Circuit Lab

There is a rich circuit lab in CSE Department, which is equipped with modern tools. The purpose of this lab is to design various electrical and electronic circuits. Also this lab is used to study the behavioral characteristics of the different electrical and electronic projects. This lab has full-fledged 5 equipment set-ups so that 5 groups of students can carry on any electronic and electrical experiment and project simultaneously. Each equipment set-up includes modern Oscilloscope, dc generator, signal generator, trainer-board, high-configured PC. This lab also has sufficient amount of all necessary electrical and electronic components including ICs (Digital and Analog), resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformer, variac etc. DSO card, and electrical machines (motor-generators) are under procurement. 

Digital Lab

Digital lab has a number of highly sophisticated modern equipments such as trainer boards, 8086 microprocessor kits, digital IC tester, PC etc. Also it has a huge resource of digital and analog ICs and other electronic components.  In this lab students can design and implement starting from small digital circuits to 8-bit microprocessor. Also, they can acquire the technical know-how of 8086 microprocessor and its peripherals. Furthermore, students can easily interface any personal computer with analog world for adaptive control and automation. This lab has also full-fledged 5 equipment set-ups so that 5 groups of students can carry on any digital and interfacing experiment and project simultaneously.

Research & Innovation Lab

Department has a state-of-the-art project lab for final year student’s project or thesis work which offers 20 fully functional computers with intel core i-7 7th generation, 3.86 GHz processors, 16 gigabyte DDR-4 memory, 1 terabyte hard disk and both windows 10 and ubuntu as dual boot operating system.

Mobile Application & Gaming Lab

Equipped with state of the art facilities with 10 computers with intel core i-7 7th generation, 3.86 GHz processors, 16 gigabyte DDR-4 memory, 1 terabyte harddisk, Mobile Sumsung S3, Tab Sumsung, Wacom Intuos, color printer etc. for game and application development funded by the ICT division of Bangladesh Government.

Other Labs

Besides the core labs, students of Department of CSE have to take part in two other labs: Physics Lab and English Language Lab. The first lab is used to perform the various experiments of physics. Language lab is provided to enhance the skill of the students in both oral and written communication in English.


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