A "Task Force" is hereby formed for maintenance of the University campus, follow-up of important decisions of the authority and any emergency works/jobs (if required) comprising of following members with immediate effect to till 9th April, 2020:

1. Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Deputy Registrar - Convener
2. Md. Ataur Rahman Pramanik, IT Manager - Member
3. Muhammad Shahjahan, Campus Superintendent - Member
4. Kamol Kanti Barua, Assistant Admission Officer - Member
5. Md. Shariat Hossain, Sub-Assistant Engineer, Engineering Office - Member
6. Plumber, Engineering Office - Member

To complete any emergency works/needs, concerned members will attend the office subject to getting instructions from the Convener of the 'Task Force' or higher authority. All members of the committee are instructed to be available to attend phone calls to meet any urgent requirement. All concerned are requested to contact with the above members, if required.

By the order of the Vice Chancellor.