World Pharmacists Day 2022

A discussion session was organized by the Department of Pharmacy, University of Asia Pacific on September 25, 2022 to celebrate "World Pharmacists Day 2022". Every year on the 25th of September, pharmacists around the globe celebrate "World Pharmacist Day". This day focuses on the role of pharmacists in improving health on a global scale.

This year’s Pharmacist Day’s theme is "Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world." The theme aims to emphasize the united effort of global pharmacists to improve the healthcare sector. Mr. Muhammad Mahbubul Haq, Secretary of PCB (Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh) was present as the guest speaker at the event.

In the session, Dr. SM Ashraful Islam, Professor, Department of Pharmacy; Mr. Muhammad Mahbubul Haq, Secretary of PCB; and Professor Dr, Mohammad Shahriar, Head, Department of Pharmacy, shared their valuable insights regarding the field of pharmacy. They discussed the current scenario of the pharmacy profession and the diversified opportunities in different pharmaceutical sectors, both at home and abroad, mentioning the UAP graduates serving as pharmacists and researchers worldwide. The PCB secretary also highlighted the excellence of UAP students among other reputed universities in Bangladesh.

The session was moderated by Ms Sanjida Chowdhury Ivy, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, and was attended by the faculty members and students of the Department of Pharmacy. Professor Dr. Mohammad Shahriar ended the event with a vote of thanks to all the organizers, faculty members, and students for their enthusiastic participation.