Message from the Head

The department started its journey in 1997 with less than ten undergraduate students. The journey of the department started with a clear vision for creating quality Civil Engineers to make safe homes, to supply clean water to drink, to make safe roads to drive, to make cities free from pollution, to make large dams, warehouses, tunnels, seaports, airports, etc. About 775 students have so far graduated from the department. The graduates of the department are working in different government and private organizations in Bangladesh. Many graduates are also working abroad. Some graduates are doing masters and PhD in Bangladesh and abroad. Through a continuous development process, the department furnished all necessary laboratories with modern equipment to conduct undergraduate classes as well as to do undergraduate and graduate research works. The department received several national and international research grants for doing research on various civil engineering issues, such as recycling of concrete, sustainable development of concrete construction works in Bangladesh and surface water pollution around Dhaka city. The research results of the faculties were published in different national and international reputed journals and conference proceedings.

Through the collaborative research activities, the department established very close relationships with Port and Airport Research Institute, Japan; University of Kyushu, Japan; and Hokkaido University, Japan. Through these collaborative activities, the department sent some undergraduate students to Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI), Japan to conduct a part of their undergraduate thesis works. In addition to the academic and research activities, the faculties of the department are actively engaged with consultancy services related to civil engineering problems and are also directly participating in testing of materials using the laboratories of the department. The department has a good number of regular faculties who are sincerely working with a unique vision for the development of the department.

Besides academic activities, the department is running various curricular and extra-curricular activities through CE Students Forum, Math Club, English Club, Film Club, Debating Club, Structure Club etc. to improve the quality of the students. The department got the accreditation from the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) for producing high quality civil engineers, continuous development of laboratory facilities, continuous development of faculties and staffs, admission of quality students at intake, significant contribution of the department to the society through organizing seminar, workshop, and training program, etc. With the accreditation of BAETE, the graduates of the department get the opportunity to be a proud member of The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

Recently, the department has taken an initiative to provide education to our students through Outcome-Based-Education (OBE) method. In turn, this approach permits to measure the attainment of standard graduate attributes by our students at course level. Continuous improvements in students’ beahviour, knowledge and skills are emphasized in designing the teaching-learning strategies. In this context, faculty members have taken hands-on training on OBE, and thus continuous quality improvement (CQI) becomes effective and noticeable in their delivery of lectures and choice of different assessment tools.

The department started post-graduate program in Fall 2009 with a purpose of creating civil engineers with in-depth knowledge in different branches of Civil Engineering. Through the graduate research works, the students will also learn the way to solve the vital Civil Engineering problems. This milestone of the department indicates the commitment of the department for continuous development.

On behalf of the Department of Civil Engineering, I would like to thank you for visiting our webpages and do hope you will find those useful. Please kindly feel free to contact our departmental office if you have any further inquires.

April, 2017
Dr. Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman
Professor and Head
Department of Civil Engineering




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