Asia Pacific Business Review (ISSN2075-2733) is a double blind peer reviewed international academic journal published annually. The journal welcomes papers, both conceptual and empirical, review articles, case studies on the contemporary issues in diverse areas of business.


Scope of the Journal: The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Finance & Accounting, Production & Operations Management, Strategic Management, Supply chain Management, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship.


Submission and Review Policy:


How to submit the paper

The author(s) should submit the paper through e-mail to the journal editor at


Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

The authors(s) must follow the manuscript preparation guidelines in preparing the manuscript before submission.

Review Policy


The journal follows double blind peer review policy. First, the editorial board will review the paper and if it deems fit, the paper is sent to two reviewers who are knowledgeable in the respective field. The author(s) will have no knowledge of the reviewers of the papers. The review process will take 4 to 6 weeks. If any change is required, the editor of the journal will inform the author(s) of such change once the review report is obtained. The author(s) will then modify the paper taking the review comments into consideration.


Plagiarism Policy

Copying from someone else's manuscript without proper citation is considered plagiarism. The editorial board is very strict regarding this issue of plagiarism. Should it occur, the editorial board has the right to cancel the said paper.
There is no publication fee for the author(s) to publish in this journal.




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