CFA organized a Seminar on Professional Degrees for Finance Graduates

Club of Finance & Accounting (CFA) of the Department of Business Administration (DBA), University of Asia Pacific (UAP) successfully organized a seminar titled “Professional Degrees for Finance Graduates” on March 19, 2024. The seminar primarily focused on providing students with an understanding of the importance of professional designations in enhancing their career prospects and staying competitive in the dynamic financial landscape.

The seminar was conducted by Md. Nafeez-Al-Tarik, Managing Director of Dhaka Bank Securities Limited and Founder of Professional Finance Studies. Mr. Nafeez-Al-Tarik, a holder of the prestigious CFA and FRM certifications, shared his invaluable insights on the significance and impact of professional degrees in the finance industry. The seminar delved into the crucial aspects of professional designations, providing a comprehensive roadmap for obtaining the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, debunking common myths, and highlighting its myriad benefits.

The session encouraged a lively exchange of ideas, with students actively engaging in a Q&A session, further enriching the learning experience. In the concluding remarks, Mr. Imroz Mahmud, Assistant Professor (DBA, UAP) and Convener of CFA, expressed gratitude to the keynote speaker for sharing his insights and wisdom and to all attendees for their active participation and enthusiasm.