UAP’s vision is to advance science, technology,and humanities through innovation in higher education, research, and development for a better society.


UAP’s mission is to hold excellence high in maintaining faculty members and staff, facilities for faculty research and student practicum harmonized with co-curricular activities so that UAP produces graduates to meet the global standards and in creating impact to the society. To achieve such a mission, UAP would maintain a highly qualified and strongly motivated faculty to educate students in curricula that accommodates latest advances in science and technology and best practices in teaching and learning supported by modern laboratories, library facilities, and vibrant co-curricular activities. In pursuance of creativity, cutting-edge knowledge and technological innovation, UAP encourages and supports faculty members in research, publication and sharing knowledge with co-professionals. The courses and curricula are designed to provide high quality education at tertiary level relevant to the changing demands of society and equip students to enter into the national and international job market or pursue higher academic and professional goals with a solid academic foundation. The goal of the university is not just to prepare the students to pass the examinations, but to equip them with the needed social skills to become productive and proactive members of the community and remain open to learning to become ‘future leaders’ and useful members of the society.