ECDC Collaborates with bKash to host a Webinar: Unlocking Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

In a knowledge-driven era, bKash, the leading mobile financial service provider, has teamed up with four esteemed Bangladesh universities, including the University of Asia Pacific (UAP). Together with the Entrepreneurship and Career Development Club (ECDC), they present an exclusive webinar titled "Finance for Non-Finance Professionals" to benefit UAP, BUBT, DIU, and SEU students and alumni.

Scheduled for 12th November 2023 on Zoom, the webinar features Mr. Md. Fuad Hasan, FCA, ACMA (UK), and CGMA, the Executive Vice President and Head of Management Reporting & Planning at bKash Limited. This forward-thinking initiative acknowledges the importance of financial literacy for professionals across various fields and aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions and contribute effectively to their organizations.
Mr. Hasan's extensive qualifications and professional journey uniquely position him to demystify finance for all, regardless of their prior financial background. By participating in this event, attendees gain practical insights to enhance their financial acumen, making it invaluable for their careers.

In conclusion, this webinar is a testament to the commitment of bKash and the partner universities including UAP to foster a culture of lifelong learning and provide their students and alumni with essential skills to thrive in a competitive job market. As the world continues to evolve, the ability to comprehend and navigate the financial landscape becomes increasingly important. By participating in this event, attendees can take a significant step towards achieving financial literacy and positioning themselves for success.