Seminar on “Professional Talk Series” organized by the Department of Pharmacy

A seminar titled “Professional Talk Series” focusing on pharmaceutical marketing and global regulatory affairs, organized by the Seminar Organizing Committee, Department of Pharmacy of University of Asia Pacific was held on 28th August, 2023 at 3:30 PM at the UAP auditorium.

The seminar was organized to keep the students aware and updated about the work culture, technologies changes, and advancements happening in the industry, pharmaceutical marketing and regulatory sector. Md. Maksudul Huq, Manager of Product Management Department at Opsonin Pharma Ltd., and Mr. Joydeb Nath, Sr. Deputy Manager of Global Regulatory Compliance at Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd., were present as the guest speakers of the seminar.

The convener of the Seminar Organizing Committee, Ms. Sanjida Chowdhury Ivy started the program with a welcome speech on behalf of the Seminar Organizing Committee. Dr. Irin Dewan, respected Head of the Department of Pharmacy, and other faculty members also joined the program. Md. Maksudul Huq shed light on pharmaceutical marketing.

Additionally, he discussed the opportunities, challenges, importance and impact of pharmaceutical marketing across the world. Also, Mr. Joydeb Nath provided an informative session on regulatory compliance. He also gave a brief summary of how the drug regulatory management started and the procedures required for drug design. This was then followed by an interactive question and answer session. Finally, Dr. Irin Dewan, Head of the Department of Pharmacy, ended the program with a vote of thanks.

In her speech, she thanked the guest speakers Md. Maksudul Huq and Mr. Joydeb Nath, for their informative sessions, Ms. Sanjida Chowdhury Ivy and Ms. Tanjina Akter Suma, all the students of the seminar organizing team for organizing this seminar, and all the faculty members and students for their enthusiastic participation.