Exclusive Spot Recruitment Opportunity at UAP

In a collaborative effort between the Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW) at the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) and the Wit Institute, an exclusive two-day recruitment event was organized on October 17-18, 2023, at the UAP Plaza. The event served as a unique platform for UAP students and recent graduates to partake in interviews for various positions, creating valuable career opportunities.

The primary objective of this event was to empower UAP students in their career development by providing access to a diverse array of opportunities. Eight distinct positions were available for interviews, including Accounts Executive/Internship, Business Development Executive/Internship, Digital Marketing Executive/Internship, and Content Writer Executive/Internship.

This recruitment opportunity was thoughtfully designed to offer students a platform to showcase their skills, accumulate real-world work experience, and potentially secure positions with the Wit Institute. It served as a unique occasion for students to interact with industry professionals and explore a multitude of career options.

With over 100 students and recent graduates enthusiastically submitting their applications for various positions, the selection process shortlisted over 30 candidates for on-spot interviews, ensuring the identification of the most deserving individuals for the available positions.

The Exclusive Spot Recruitment Opportunity at UAP exemplifies the university's dedication to providing practical opportunities for professional growth and development. It underscores the importance of offering students a well-rounded education that combines academic knowledge with real-world experiences. This event served as a catalyst for students to embark on their professional journeys, marking a significant milestone in their pursuit of rewarding careers.