Pharmacy Debating and Public Speaking Club-Tarkik’s Workshop - "University Life Blueprint by Sadman Sadik

The Pharmacy Debating and Public Speaking Club, Tarkik, organized a workshop for the students at the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) on October 22, 2023. The event aimed to provide students with valuable insights on making the most of their university life. The workshop was conducted by a renowned educator and public speaker, Mr. Sadman Sadik, and was titled "University Life Blueprint." The workshop commenced with great enthusiasm as students, faculty members, and the Head of the Department, Dr. Irin Dewan, gathered in anticipation of an enlightening session.

Mr. Sadik took the stage and engaged the audience with his charismatic presence. He began by emphasizing the significance of university life and how it serves as a crucial foundation for one's future. The presentation was insightful, engaging, and spanned over an hour. Mr. Sadik's presentation revolved around the theme of "University Life Blueprint," which focused on helping students effectively utilize their time in university. He discussed various aspects of university life, including academic excellence, extracurricular activities, personal growth, and career development.

The Pharmacy Debating and Public Speaking Club at UAP deserves commendation for organizing such a valuable event, and Mr. Sadman Sadik's insightful session has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate their university life successfully. This event demonstrated the commitment of UAP to providing a holistic education experience for its students and the dedication of the faculty and students to self-improvement and personal growth.