Inter-Department Basketball Tournament, Fall 2023 by UAP Basketball Club, DSW

The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) celebrated the conclusion of it’s first-ever Inter Department Basketball Tournament, Fall 2023, organized by the UAP Basketball Club, one of the central clubs of the Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW), and marking a significant milestone in its sports calendar for the Fall of 2023. The tournament, which saw enthusiastic participation from seven departments, culminated in a gripping final on February 19, 2024, where the Department of Pharmacy emerged victorious over the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) to clinch the championship title.

The tournament was structured into two groups, with Group A comprising the Departments of Civil Engineering, Business Administration (DBA), and English, and Group B featuring the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Law and Human Rights, Pharmacy, and EEE. After a series of round-robin matches that played on Saturday, February 17, 2024, DBA and the Department of English advanced as the top two from Group A, while EEE and Pharmacy led Group B into the semi-finals.
The semi-finals, held on February 18, 2024, were fiercely contested, showcasing the skill and determination of the participating teams. EEE secured their place in the final by defeating the Department of English, while Pharmacy overcame DBA in a match that was equally thrilling.

The final, attended by Prof. Dr. Qumrul Ahsan, Vice Chancellor, UAP; Prof. Dr. Md. Sultan Mahmud, Pro-Vice Chancellor, UAP; Prof. Dr. Sheikh Anwar Hossain, Treasurer, UAP and Dr. A. S. M.. Mohsin, Director, Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW), along with many faculty members and a large contingent of supporters for both teams, was a testament to the competitive spirit and camaraderie among the students of UAP. Department of Pharmacy was leading at halftime with a score of 14-10 and did a remarkable job by holding the lead in the second half, ultimately winning the match with a score of 27-15, thus becoming the proud winners of the first departmental tournament hosted by UAP.

Here are the details of the players played in the Grand Finale.
Champion: Department of Pharmacy
Manager: Subeh Sadique Shandhi (4th year 2nd semester)
Manager: Subeh Sadique Shandhi (4th year 2nd semester)

1. Mosiur Rahman (4th year 2nd semester)
2. Md. Al Amin (4th year 2nd semester)
3. Rifat Hasan (2nd year 1st semester)
4. Kudrat Rahat (2nd year 1st semester)
Runner-up: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
Manager: Sharul Bhuiyan (2nd year 2nd semester)

1. Asibul Islam (2nd year 2nd semester)
2. Mehedi Hasan Shuvo (2nd year 2nd semester)
3. Zahid Hasan Ken (2nd year 2nd semester)
4. Ismail Hossain (2nd year 2nd semester)
5. Gazi Zubayer (2nd year 1st semester)
Beside the 3v3 tournament, there was also a “Free Shooting” and “Fancy Lay-up” contest. There was huge participation in those segments but some exceptional skills and athleticism made students victorious. Here are the winners of those segments.
Fancy Lay-up:
Champion: Md. Al Amin (Department of Pharmacy)
1st Runner-up: Mehedi Hasan Shuvo (Department of EEE)
2nd Runner-up: Gazi Zubayer (Department of EEE)
Free Shooting:

Champion: Mehedi Hasan Shuvo (Department of EEE)
1st Runner-up: Ismail Hossain (Department of EEE)
2nd Runner-up: Masud Rana (Department of English)
The Man of the Tournament was Mehedi Hasan Shuvo from Department of EEE for his exceptional performances in the matches leading EEE to the final.

Reflecting on the tournament, the Vice Chancellor expressed immense pride in the students' achievements and highlighted the importance of sports in developing teamwork, leadership, and resilience among students. The UAP Basketball Club, praised for their impeccable organization of the event, is already looking forward to making the next tournament even more successful, promising more excitement and competition in the years to come.
The tournament was conducted by the adviser of UAP Basketball Club, Mr. Md. Masrur Mamun Hossain, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture.