Name : Dr. Jesmin Sultana
Designation :

Associate Professor

Contact Info :

DBA, Room No. 400
e-mail :

Academic Qualifications  

MBA (Total Quality Management in Pharmaceutical Industries) 1997
University of Strathclyde, UK

  M.Pharm.( Pharmaceutical Analysis) 1988
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  B. Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Science) 1986
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


PhD. (Student), 2015- 2016
Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka.

Courses taught  
  • Principles of Total Quality Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Introduction to Business
  • Pharmacoeconomicss

Research Interests

  • Pharmaceutical Business
  • Total Quality Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
Journal Publications  
  • Sultana J (2018), Patients' Perception and Satisfaction on Model Pharmacies in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal, 21(1 ), 47-54
  • Sultana J (2016), Future Prospects and Barriers of Pharmaceutical industries in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal, 19(1 ), 53-57
  • Sarker S, Pal A, Sultana J. (2012) Market Survey and Analysis of Packaging information Provided by different Pharmaceutical Companies of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal, 15(2),165-167
  • Arif S, Abdur R, Ahsanu Al, Sultana J. (2009) Knowledge and behavior of pregnant woman regarding birth planning process, South Asian Journal of Population and Health, 2(1)
  • Reza, M.S. Sultana J., Sarker S. and Haider S.S.(2002.) Current status and prospects of pellet dosage forms in the pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh. Bang. Pharm. J., 12 (4), 5-10
  • Reza M.S., Haider, S.S. Sarker S., Mamur A.K.M.R., M.A. Sultana J., Quadir M.A and Bhuiyan M.A. (2002). Status of diclofenac sodium microcapsules in Bangladesh market: studies on drug loading, particle size and disolution profile. Bang. Pharm. J., 12 (1), 37-41
  • Ahmed F., Reza M.S., Sultana J., Bhuiyan M.A. and Islam S, (2002.) Studies on the release pattern of the locally available theophylline microcapsules and formulation of cost effective similar product using wax matrix. J. Asiat. Soc. Bang. Sci., 28 (1), 83-90
  • Nahar R N and Sultana J. 1992. Metabolism and some pharmacokinetic studies of Isosorbide dinitrate. Dhaka University Studies part E, 7(1),77-82
Conference Proceedings  
  • Sultana J. (2001) Empowering Students Achieving All round Excellence. A publication of 4th international conference on Students' Quality Control Circles. Lucknow, India, December, 2001
  • Sultana J. (2002.) Quality Education to Ensure Quality service and progress of a nation. Paper presented in the 7th National Annual Quality Convention, 1-2 November, 2002.
  • Sultana J. (2002) SQCC's Feedback for Successful class. Paper presented in a Conference on Quality Education Organized by Bangladesh Society For Total Quality Management (BSTQM), 17May 2002.
  • Sultana J. (2003). Increase learning effectiveness through SQCC. Paper presented in the 6th International conference on Students' Quality Control Circles. December 2003, Lucknow, India.
  • Sultana J, (2004) Anam S, Soheluzzaman, Defect Prevention Approach for Total Quality Education and peace. Paper presented in the 7th International conference on Students' Quality Control Circles. December 2004, Bangladesh.
  • Sultana J. Lutfor R, (2004) Paper presented in 1st National conference for Women Entrepreneur, Total Quality Management for Bangladesh Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Sultana J. (2006) Ahmed S, Muktadir A and Haque M. Sept 2006. Road blocks to building Total Quality People- Bangladesh Perspective. 1st national annual Quality Convention on Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Sultana J, (2007) Ahmed S and Choudhury H O, The Role of Teachers for Effective Learning, 2nd National Annual Quality Convention on Education, Dhaka, 2007.
Book Publications  
  • Co-author: Comprehensive Statistics 2007, ISBN: 984-300-000475-0.
  • Co-author: A case study on Sri Ranada Prasad Saha - a successful entrepreneur. UAP Instant Case Study Book, 2005, ISBN: 984-32-1755-1.

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