Full Time Faculty Members

Name of Faculty

Professor & Head

Professor Mohammed Tareque Aziz, Ph.D

Professor Dr. M. A. Baqui Khalily
PhD in Development Economics (Rural Finance and Banking)
Ohio State University, USA
M.S. in Development Economics (Rural Finance and Banking)
Ohio State University, USA
M. Com. in Finance, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
B. Com. (Honours) University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Email : bkhalily@uap-bd.edu / bkhalily51@gmail.com
Professor Professor Shahriyar Anam
B.Sc. Engg., BUET, MBA(IBA,DU)
Email: shahriyar@uap-bd.edu

Associate Professor

Dr. Shamsad Ahmed
M.Pharm.(DU), MBA, (IBA, DU)
Ph.D. (DU)
Email: shamsad@uap-bd.edu

Associate Professor

Jesmin Sultana
M.Pharm., (DU)
MBA, (Strathclyde Graduate Business School,UK)
Email: jesmin@uap-bd.edu

Associate Professor

Sarwar Razzaq Chowdhury
MBA, Bangkok University, Thailand
Email: sarwar@uap-bd.edu

Associate Professor

Afia Muqtadir
BS (Business Economics), University of Arizona, USA
Email: afia@uap-bd.edu

Associate Professor Dr. Mahbubul Haque
M. Engg. BUET,
MBA, Calstate University, USA
Ph.D. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia
Email: mahbubhasin@gmail.com
Email: mahbubuap@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor

Farzana Elahi
B. Com. (Hons.), Management, DU
M. Com., Management, DU
Email: farzana@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor

Tasneem Tarannum
MBA in International Business, DU
Email: tarannum@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor

Shayla Binta Sayeed
BBA in Management, DU
MSc in Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship, University of Newcastle, UK
Email: shayla@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor

Imroz Mahmud
BBA in Finance, UAP
MBA in Finance, DU
Email: imroz@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor Mohammad Rakiv
BBA in Accounting and Information Systems, DU
MBA in Accounting and Information Systems, DU
Email: rakiv@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor

Tahmeem Siddiqi
BBA in Marketing, DU
MBA in Marketing, DU
Email: tahmeem@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor

Sisili Rahman
BBA in Finance, DU
MBA in Finance, DU
Email: sisili.rahman@uap-bd.edu

Assistant Professor Samira Sahel
BBA in Finance, IUB
MBA in Marketing, IBA, DU
Email: samira.sahel@uap-bd.edu
Assistant Professor Barnali Nandi
BBA in Marketing, DU
MBA in Marketing, DU
Email: nandi@uap-bd.edu
Senior Lecturer Muhammed Obaidul H. Choudhury
M.S. (BISE) Utah State University,USA
Email: obaid@uap-bd.edu
Lecturer Maeen Uddin
BBA in Management, DU
MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM), DU
Email: maeen@uap-bd.edu
Lecturer Ahmed Tausif Saad
BBA in Finance, IBA, DU
MBA in Finance, IBA, DU
Email: tausif.saad@uap-bd.edu
Lecturer Nazneen Noor
BBA in Banking, DU
MBA in Finance & Banking, DU
Email: nazneen@uap-bd.edu
Lecturer Md. Jaber Al Islam
BBA in Accounting and Information Systems, DU
MBA in Accounting and Information Systems, DU
Email: jaber@uap-bd.edu
Lecturer Raihan Sobhan
Email: raihan_sobhan@uap-bd.edu
Lecturer Md. Sharif Hassan
BBA in Finance, East West University
MBA in Accounting, DU
Email: hassan@uap-bd.edu

Full Time Faculty Members (On Study Leave)

Name of Faculty
Assistant Professor Umana Anjalin
Email: umana@uap-bd.edu
Assistant Professor Ms. Nazreen Tabassum Chowdhury
BBA in Finance, IIUM, Malaysia
MBA in Finance, IIUM,Malaysia
Email: chowdhury.nazreen@gmail.com

Visiting Faculty Members


Dr. Nazma Begum

Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka.

Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam

Professor & Chairman, Department of Banking, University of Dhaka.

Dr. Tahmina Khatun

Professor, Department of Accounting and Information Systems (AIS), University of Dhaka

Dr. Md. Ali Noor

Professor, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, Jagannath University, Dhaka

Mr. Md. Ahsan Ullah

Executive Director, Bangladesh Bank, Dhaka.

Mr. Asaduzzaman Chowdhury

General Manager, BTCL, 271/27, Niribili Housing, Shankar, Dhaka.
Mr. Y. A. M. Rafiqul Haq Assistant Professor, Presidency University, Dhaka.
Mr. A. H. Mostafa Kamal Khan Director, Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)
Parveen S. Huda Managing Director, Renaissance Consultants Ltd.



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