Social Activities by Department of Business Administration (DBA) of University of Asia Pacific (UAP) in COVID 19

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, students of University of Asia Pacific associated themselves with different voluntary services to help underprivileged people fight relentlessly against the outbreak. Students of the Department of Business Administration (DBA) of UAP also extended their hand of cooperation towards indigent people.
Head of the DBA, Professor Dr. Mohammed Tareque Aziz acknowledged the unparalleled contributions of the students of DBA in such a hard-hitting circumstance. Not only the current students but also the alumni of DBA made notable contributions aiming to help destitute people of the society such as a Non-Profit-Social Development Organization named MASTUL Foundation established by an alumnus, Kazi Reaz Rahman, provided food aid to lower and lower-middle-class people. They distributed health protection equipment amid the people and incessantly are working on raising awareness among the mass people. Street children also received food aid from MASTUL. The foundation is also providing free oxygen service to Corona patients as well as carrying the burial responsibility of the people who died from COVID-19.
Students involved in different philanthropic activities distributed hand sanitizers, facemasks, and relief goods among the impoverished people.
Students of UAP also made a documentary on COVID -19 for showing their tribute to the frontline fighters in this pandemic.
Last but not least, the faculties of DBA tried their best to help the students who are facing extreme financial crises in the pandemic. Funds formed under the supervision of the head of DBA where faculties of the department contributed. Faculties were in charge of the funds where they receive a hefty sum of money and disbursed it within the students going through severe financial difficulties due to the ongoing outbreak.




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