Full Time  Faculty Members on Study Leave

  Extraordinary Leave Dr. Md Jihad Miah
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Str. Engg., University of Pau and Pays de I’Adour, France,  2017
M.Sc., Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2013
B.Sc. in Engineering (Civil), UAP, 2010
UAP Profile:
Dr. Ali Mohammad Rezaie
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University, USA, 2020
M.Sc. in Water Resource Development, IWFM, BUET, Bangladesh, 2015
B.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh, 2012
Email: arezaie@uap-bd.edu
Arifa Akther

BSc. in Civil Engineering, BUET, 2018
Email: arifa@uap-bd.edu
UAP Profile: www.uap-bd.edu/ce/arifa
  Study leave
Zarin Tasnim

B. Sc. in Engineering (Civil), BUET, 2017
M. Sc. in Civil Engineering (Environmental), BUET, 2021
Email: zarin@uap-bd.edu
UAP Profile: www.uap-bd.edu/ce/zarin
  Md. Moshiur Rahman

BSc. in Civil Engineering, BUET, 2021
Email: mmoshiur@uap-bd.edu  
  Imrul Kayes Shafie

BSc. in Civil Engineering, BUET, 2021
Email: ikshafie@uap-bd.edu
UAP Profile: www.uap-bd.edu/ce/ikshafie
Nandita Saha

Master of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan, 2019
B. Sc. in Engineering (Civil), UAP, 2013
Email: nandita-ce@uap-bd.edu
UAP Profile: www.uap-bd.edu/ce/nandita
    Tanzila Islam

M. Sc. Engineering, BUET, 2020
BSc. in Civil Engineering, BUET, 2017
Email: tislamani.ce@uap-bd.edu
UAP Profile: www.uap-bd.edu/ce/tanzila



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