Members of Finance Committee of University of Asia Pacific

Sl. No. Finance Committee Remarks
1 Mr. C M Shafi Sami, Member, BOT Chairperson Nominated by the BOT
2 Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmed, Member, BOT Member Nominated by the BOT
3 Mr. Kazi Mohd. Mofizur Rahman, Member, BOT Member Nominated by the BOT
4 Prof. Dr. Qumrul Ahsan, Vice Chancellor Member As Vice Chancellor
5 Prof. Dr. Md. Sultan Mahmud, Pro-Vice Chancellor Member Nominated
6 Prof. Dr. Sheikh Anwar Hossain, Treasurer Member As Treasurer
7 Dr. Jesmin Sultana, Head, Department of Business Administration Member Nominated
8 Dr. Shah Murtaza Rashid Al Masud, Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering Member Nominated
9 Mr. Mohammad Shamsur Rahman, FCMA
Director, Finance & Accounts
Member-Secretary Director, Finance & Accounts